Ready for a “Tough” 2015?

5th January 2015

Stick to your Resolution!

2015 is here, the festive season is at an end and it’s time to put that nose to the grindstone and head back to work. Time to face reality once again, time to answer the 1001 unanswered emails from the Christmas break, catch up with your work buddies and start planning for the year ahead.

Speaking of planning for 2015, remember that New Year’s Resolution you made? The memory might be a bit hazy, lost in a cloud of over celebration, long lazy summer afternoons and sunscreen but you thought it even if you didn’t dare say it to anyone…2015 will be a year when I get fit, set myself goals and stick to them!

Well time to set your sights on Appin, NSW this June for the Tough Bloke Challenge 2015!

The Tough Bloke Challenge is the grand daddy of obstacle racing in Australia, the original physical challenge for all Tough Blokes and Tough Chicks and for those wanting to join their ranks. This is 8km of mud slinging, rope swinging, teeth gritting obstacles and fun! Push your limits, face your fears and hook up with your mates to tackle the challenge together for bonus inspiration & laughter.

Entries are open and are available for as little as $70, a saving of $40 over those that enter late! $70 tickets are currently available for all wave times on both Saturday and Sunday apart from the Elite waves which are still only $80. However be warned, each wave start time only has a limited number of $70 tickets available after which time the price starts to head skywards, so it really is a case of the early bird saving on the worm!

What does this $70 get you? Will let’s see…An 8km course featuring obstacles to challenge even the toughest participant? Tick! Over 25 obstacles including sticky mud, dank tunnels, high walls and the death defying, gut wrenching, high rope act that is the infamous ‘Hell’s Gate’? Tick! Ultimate bragging rights that come with the coveted Finishers Medal for all participants that complete the course? Tick! An ice cold brew to help celebrate your accomplishment and make all the aching muscles worthwhile? Tick!

That’s all the boxes ticked, you said 2015 was going to be your year, so make it so! Get your team together, whether your work colleagues, your school mates, your sports team, your PT group, your family, who cares who it is but pull them into line, get signed up, start training and face 2015 with the knowledge that if you put in the effort the answer to the question ‘Are You Tough Enough?’ will be one loud, resounding… HELL YEAH!