Course Overview

The Tough Bloke Challenge Course consists of trail running mixed with various type of obstacles, set to challenge the individual.

There will be several obstacles along the course to physically challenge you.

Elite Category

Those participants looking for a official time are advised to enter the Elite wave. The Elite wave is the 9am wave. Runners are released in smaller groups in the Elite waves to help give them a clearer run on course.

Furthermore the following rules are in place for the Elite category wave only;

– Each of the obstacles needs to be completed successfully to avoid a 10 minute time penalty.

– A maximum of 3 attempts will be allowed for each obstacle.

– There will be a 10 minute time penalty for every skipped obstacle.

General Categories

All waves from 9.30am onwards are ‘General’ category waves. There will be no penalties for missing an obstacle as long as a genuine attempt has been made to complete the obstacle or if the obstacle is not within your capabilities. We encourage you to have a go but if you can’t do it we wont force you to.

The first challenge of the day is right after the start line so no waiting for the fun! Then you're on to a short 3km trail run, with a number of obstacles along the way, to warm you up and ease you into things – Seriously? Your committed by now!!. Then its straight onto the first of eight man made obstacles. Once you have completed each of these obstacles successfully, participants then make a right hand turn to follow a second section of fire trail. A small climb, a “tiring” little loop and a nice section of single track running will bring you to the creek before returning to the main trail where even more obstacles wait to challenge you. Looping back to the obstacle course, participants then complete the last seven man made obstacles and a short run to the finish line where Hell's Gate awaits.

Total Distance: Approximately 8kms