Entries Opening Soon

1st December 2016

Convict 100
Saturday 24th June, 2017
Appin, NSW

Are you ready to prove you are Tough Enough in 2017? Entries for the 2017 Tough Bloke & Tough Chick Challenge open on Monday at 9am. This ultimate test of toughness will feature all the usual suspects…an 8km course with over 25 obstacles, thick mud pits, ice cold water, high walls, rope climbs and the mother of all obstacles to finish, the nemesis of many a Tough Bloke or Tough Chick….Hell’s Gate!

Don’t think you will have seen it all before however with a number of new obstacles in the pipeline for 2017 to keep you on your toes! What will definitely be back for 2017 will once again be the finishers medal and event t-shirt for all participants and the free ice cold beer at the finish line for those over 18.

Are you kids and their friends ready to be called Tough Kids!?!? The Tough Kids Challenge  is back in 2017 after proving immensely popular in 2016. Featuring a specially designed 2km course for children aged between 6-12 years old. While shorter in length than the full course it will still feature over 15 obstacles for the youngsters to tackle.

Prices for the full course start from only $70 while for the Tough Kids Challenge tickets start at only $30. However, only a limited number of these cheap tickets are available in each wave time and these will go quick. Therefore you have no time to waste, be ready at 9am on Monday when tickets go on sale and ENTER!!!