Come and join us for Australia’s first and best obstacle course race!

14th May 2015

Held at Appin, just South of Sydney, this is a rope swinging, mud crawling, wall climbing challenge set in the Australian bush. After you tackle the 25+ obstacles over the 8km course and are thinking about the free ice-cold beer waiting at the finishing line, the ultimate obstacle awaits…Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate is a suspended rope traverse that will have your nerves jangling from the height, your arms twitching from the effort and your legs struggling to find purchase on the slippery wet rope. Many a Tough Bloke and Tough Chick have fallen victim to Hell’s Gate on their first, second or even 15th attempt but as per the spirit of the Tough Bloke Challenge they are encouraged to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and have another go! The celebrations as a Tough Bloke or Tough Chick finally conquer Hell’s Gate after multiple attempts is something to behold!

Why is the Tough Bloke Challenge the original and still the best obstacle race around?

– 25+ awesome obstacles set over a 8km course
– Your time recorded by a professional timing company
– Free 4 Pines craft beer
– Free event T-shirt
– Free finishers medal
– Free parking
– No hidden costs, the price you see is the price you pay!

The Tough Bloke Challenge still has entries open across all waves with some waves starting at as low as $70. If you haven’t experienced the original, or are thinking of coming back for your second, third, or eighth time, now is the time to set you sights on Appin at the end of June and…