Calling all Tough Blokes, Tough Chicks & Tough Kids!

30th January 2017

Entries Now Open

With the 2017 upon us, it is about time you asked yourself…Are you Tough Enough?

You like going to the gym? You consider yourself pretty fit? Or are you just keen to gather a group of friends and laugh at each other as you crawl through mud pits? If you answered YES to any of these questions it sounds like you are ready to accept the challenge and sign up for the Tough Bloke Challenge!

Held just South of Sydney and featuring over 25 hair-raising, military style obstacles this event is not for the faint of heart. The elites will be lining up early in the day (shirt optional) to see if they can claim the coveted title of the ‘Toughest Bloke’ or ‘Toughest Chick’ before the everyday heroes have their moment in the sun to prove they are tough enough to conquer the course and claim their free finishers medal and beer.

The Tough Kids Challenge is back in 2017 as well so the younger ones don’t miss out on the fun. Open to all Tough Kids aged between 6 and 11 on a shortened 2km course but still featuring a free finishers medals. This is one event you will be rushing back to school on Monday to tell all your friends about!

Entries are now open with some tickets still available for only $70 for the adult waves, cheaper for the Tough Kids. As each wave start time fills up the price will increase so now is the time to sign up and save, what are you waiting for…ENTER NOW